VIP Security Services

Hyperion offers a range of global security services, including:

  • Diplomat and VIP security in volatile environments
  • Crisis management consulting for governments, corporations, and individuals
  • Security for expos, events, and international venues

Our goal is to provide our clients with uncompromisingly excellent security and service.

Training Services

Hyperion offers a wide range of training services.

Combat & Security Training:

  • Firearm advanced marksmanship and tactics
  • Advanced SWAT training
  • Shoot-house live-fire real world training
  • Hostage rescue training
  • Situational awareness

Maritime Training:

  • Ship security
  • Ship recovery
  • Maritime security operations (RIBs)
  • Large craft training

Air Operations Training:

  • Helicopter and aviation training
  • Sport parachuting
  • Air operations

Vehicle Operation Training:

  • Tier-1 off-road and mountain driving and mobility training
  • 2-day snowmobile course

Expedition Training:

  • Mountaineering and expedition
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain leadership and navigation
  • Cold/warm weather survival

Medic Training:

  • Advanced combat medicine for tactical combat care

Firearms Training

  • Basic firearms safety course (basic fire arms certification) [1 day]
  • Intermediate safety skills marksmanship [1 day]
  • Rifle and pistol tactical marksmanship [2 days]

Self-Defense Class

  • Basic self-defense and situational awareness [1 day]
  • Unarmed combat [2 days]
  • Defensive combatives [2 days]
  • Counter-active shooter combatives
  • Women's defense course

Survival Class

  • Basic urban and rural survival [1 day]
  • Advanced survival eastern volatile environments [2 days]
  • Defensive combatives [2 days]
  • Counter-active shooter combatives (Land, Sea, Air, Mountains)
  • Cold-weather survival [1 day]
  • Situational awareness, escape, and evasion from terrorists [2 days]

Government Services

Contract Support

  • Security consulting
  • Logistics

Law Enforcement Training and Consulting

  • Operational planning
  • Force protection (Counter-terrorism)
  • Counter-insurgency-style operational support
  • Civil unrest & riot control
  • Mobility: Bear Cat and convoy procedures
  • Reconnaissance/intelligence operations
  • Helicopter operations
  • SWAT, sniper, and close-quarter battle training
  • Self-aid, first-aid, and medical evacuation
  • Combatives
  • Tactical equipment & vehicle evaluation and consulting
  • Maritime operations