About Hyperion Solutions

Hyperion Solutions LLC is a Massachusetts-based company focused on providing elite training, security solutions, and security products to our clients. The experience of our personnel is highly sought after in this rapidly evolving technological age.

Hyperion can provide a worldwide network for any mission or operation on short notice while providing solid backup services to accomplish all goals, regardless of environment.

Our core value is to lead by example and to provide extremely competent solutions and services in any arena. We aim to be able to undertake any task in crisis situations with excellent results for our clients.

Our Team

Hyperion's team is comprised of a diverse group of highly skilled professionals, ranging from MIT engineers to advanced Special Forces operators and instructors. Our personnel and partners have experience in maritime logistics to support efforts by the Special Operations community and commercial industries, as well as in specialized engineering, such as maritime engineering, airfield construction, and forward operating base construction around the globe. We have a deep history of working closely with NGOs (e.g. Doctors without Borders), corporate VIPs, government officials, world leaders, and senior military decision-makers and operators.

Our former military personnel include seasoned Irish Special Forces (Green Berets), American Special Forces (Green Berets), US Navy SEALs, and British SAS/SBS operators. The president of Hyperion alone has over five decades of experience in high level operational training and direct-action combat operations with the US, Irish, and British militaries.